A new chapter…

I must apologise for the rather “dear diary” style of this entry, but as I haven’t posted anything in quite a while felt obliged to put some sort of update on here!

Tomorrow is the first day at my new job and the first step on the road towards becoming a UX Designer. As is to be expected I’m feeling both excited and nervous but know that the company and my future colleagues are exceptional at what they do and have made me feel incredibly welcome on my previous visits to the office.

As of yet my specific role seems like it will be fairly flexible to begin with whilst I find my feet and determine what I’m best at and enjoy the most, and so I look forward to experimenting and attempting a range of tasks. I hope to expand on my daily work in this blog a little more in the future (subject to confidentiality restrictions) so will hopefully have some more interesting points of discussion soon.

Working in the centre of Sheffield should allow me to explore the city a little more as its not somewhere I’m familiar with, whilst on a related note I’m also looking forward to re-visiting Bristol where my girlfriend has relocated for work purposes. I went down this past weekend to help her move in and had a whistle-stop tour of the city which seems like a great place.

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