JC @ The Lowry, Manchester

I was lucky enough to go and see Mr Jamie Cullum perform at The Lowry in Manchester as part of his Momentum Tour last Sunday… and it was incredible!

First things first, the support act that evening was a BBC Introducing Act called The Lottery Winners. I went to take my seat not really knowing what to expect from them and was really surprised. They were brilliant (so brilliant in fact that I went away and bought their 3 songs available on iTunes)! I’m not usually the biggest fan of guitar based bands… for me they too often seems to be a focus on volume rather than quality, but this was not a criticism I could level at The Lottery Winners. The description on their website sums up how they sound pretty well, “Born in Salford and raised on romance, The Lottery Winners can be found pottering somewhere in-between the blithe of the Beach Boys and the suffering of the Smiths“. I also think a big part of how quickly myself, and the entire audience it seemed, warmed to this young act was down to the frontman’s  ability to talk and joke with the crowd in a genuine way.

Moving on to the main act and JC played a mind blowing set lasting just shy of 2 hours and 30 minutes. Supported by his usual band (who are all incredible musicians in their own right, as demonstrated by numerous instrumental solos) Jamie’s set was the perfect balance of his newer ‘pop’ hits and covers of jazz standards. There seems to be fewer and fewer artists today who sound just as good, if not better at a live performance than in the recording studio, but Jamie is definitely not one of these; the energy, passion (and a little craziness) that he puts into each performance is astounding. This is the third time I’ve seen him live (the first was way back when he released TwentySomething) and he is just getting better and better!

The evening ended with everyone on their feet dancing around to These Are The Days and Mixtape before leaving after an amazing solo encore performance of What A Difference A Day Makes. If you’ve got tickets to see him in the near future, you’re in for a treat… if not, buy some!