So I’ve just printed and bound my dissertation all ready for hand-in and can’t quite believe its finally over (not that I haven’t enjoyed working on it)! The 64 page 24,000 word report is an investigative study into User Experience Design methods within an applied industrial context (I promise its more interesting than it sounds), and takes a look at the UXD processes followed by four companies before developing a model that takes into account a range of contextual factors and how these impact the UXD process, before recommending a set (or toolkit) of UXD methods appropriate for use.

Once marked I intend to upload a shorter version of the report that summarises the key points and provide a greater insight into what I’ve done. Until then I’ve got 2 exams to sit before finishing University (at least at Undergraduate level), and possibly academia as a whole, forever!


Dissertation Conference Poster

So, we’re halfway through the academic year and for the Final Year Project module I had to create an A1 sized conference poster. This was then displayed in a session (along with many others) where lecturers could come and discuss the project and my progress, and make suggestions as to how they think I should proceed.

It was also the first time I got to meet the lecturer who will be examining my dissertation, so it was a good opportunity to introduce him to the project and its aims, and for him to provide me with his opinions and feedback so far.

Below is a picture of the poster (due to printing restrictions it had to be made as four separate A3 sheets and arranged together into an A1 sized document) that outlines the project aims, what I’ve done so far (green arrows), and what I have left to do (orange and red arrows).

Dissertation Conference Poster
Dissertation Conference Poster: UX Methods & their effectiveness in an applied, industrial context.